Our Brand

The Tree and the Philosopher

The name Avicennia originates from a genus of the mangrove tree, commonly known by Malaysians as “api-api”, a reference to the fact that fireflies often congregate on these trees and fire up flashes of light (“api” meaning “fire” in the Malay language). The mangrove tree is characterised by its sturdy roots and longevity, often living beyond 100 years.

The generic name of Avicennia may have been in honour of the influential Muslim scholar Avicenna (circa 980 – 1037), a Persian physician and polymath. He was a great thinker, an intellectual, and a writer during the Islamic Golden Age, who authored books on medicine that are relevant even today.

What’s Behind Our Name?

The basis for the Avicennia Capital brand has evolved from the strength and power of the Avicennia tree coupled with the intellectual foresight and ethical honesty of Avicenna, the foremost thinker and writer of the Islamic Golden Age.

The brand logo is creatively derived from the shape of the Avicennia tree and the brand values are drawn from its distinctive characteristics. In this way, we also emphasise our strong local identity and our ambition to be a Malaysia-based and growth market focused insurance holding company.